Our Solutions

Water Infrastructure Operations

From delivering clean, quality drinking water to safely treating wastewater in compliance with stringent environmental regulations, our partners rely on us to get the water right.

Infrastructure Management Services

Our team delivers the financial, administrative and specialized support services that help make communities, associations, municipalities and special districts stronger.

Town of Gilbert, AZ

Award-Winning, Cost-Saving Wastewater Facility

Learn how we lowered operational expenses, increased capacity and won national recognition at a wastewater facility in a booming Arizona town.

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Pure Partnership

For us partnership is more than a word; it’s our culture. It’s a commitment we make to each other and to every client, every day. We’ve got the principles to prove it.

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Our Mission

To Be the Partner and Protector of the Most Critical Resource that Helps Communities Prosper

See Our Mission in Action

Our proven service model is tailored to our clients’ unique systems, cultures and resources.

Ready to feel the impact of Pure Partnership on your operations?

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We want to begin by assuring everyone that Inframark is still open for business and all operations are being maintained. With the ongoing spread of COVID-19 things are changing around us at incredible speeds. However, what isn’t changing is our commitment to be the partner and protector of the most critical resource that helps communities prosper, nor our commitment to our employees and customers to ensure reliable and sustained operations. We are enhancing our safety protocols to protect our employees and the public. We appreciate everyone’s support and understanding during this time and pray for the safety of our staff, clients and communities. Please click on the following link for more information concerning COVID-19.LEARN MORE »