A Better World

We believe that water is the lifeblood of our planet and our communities, and we all have a responsibility to protect and preserve it for future generations. We take sustainability seriously.

Committed to People and Planet

Water is our passion. We protect it and preserve the environment that provides it – pushing for new solutions and deeper partnerships that make our company, our communities, and our world better.



We work side by side with our clients in complex water and wastewater operating environments to solve unique challenges and deliver efficiency, cost savings and operational excellence – in addition to meeting stringent regulatory standards.

Water Savings and Conservation

We employ non-revenue water audits as a proactive approach to reducing water loss, increasing water savings, increasing conservation, and ultimately maintaining affordability for the customers in the communities we serve.

Recycling Water

We have a proven track record of driving treatment improvements and developing alternative uses for waste products while managing every aspect of award-winning wastewater treatment facilities – all while saving energy, time and resources.

Helping Communities Access Funding for Sustainability Compliance

We help local communities navigate the complicated regulatory landscape and access much-needed funds through partnerships and programs such as the Water Finance Exchange and the Clean Water State Revolving Fund.


Reducing the Use of Chemicals and Increasing Efficiency

Through the implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) technology in wastewater treatment operations, we are working on ways to revolutionize our approach to sustainability and efficiency.

Providing Sustainable Innovation to Our Clients

Our sustainability innovations include minimizing biosolid generation and continuously exploring the potential beneficial uses of biosolids generated.


A Culture of Belonging

We know our success depends on the dedicated people that deliver our services and support our clients every day.

We maintain robust internal policies to safeguard the health and wellbeing of our employees in the field and have established policies and programs to ensure that all employees feel they belong at Inframark.

Reliable Community Partners

We believe that becoming involved in the communities we serve adds a valuable dimension to our ability to understand our clients’ needs, allowing us to continually enhance the services that we deliver. In all aspects of our business, our team is committed to being reliable community partners, actively engaging to provide positive public outreach and support.

Educating for the Future

Through our educational initiatives with schools and educational institutions, we aim to raise awareness about the importance of water resources, encourage responsible consumption, and inspire the next generation to pursue careers in science, engineering and environmental conservation.


Board of Directors

We maintain a highly experienced and engaged Board of Directors, comprised of industry veterans with complementary skill sets to effectively oversee our business and strategy.


We have a dedicated team of experts that oversees data safety and cybersecurity. Our Incident Response Plan is reviewed and tested annually, and our employees receive annual training on key cybersecurity risks to ensure that management of cybersecurity is integrated throughout all levels of our organization.

Risk Management

Our Risk Committee comprised of members of our Board of Directors, our General Counsel and industry experts, meets on a quarterly basis to review our risk profile and on an ad hoc basis as necessary to approve decisions outside of the scheduled quarterly cadence.

Health and Safety

We have a comprehensive health and safety program that encompasses every aspect of our operations. Our commitment to health and safety extends beyond the workplace. We promote a healthy lifestyle among our employees by providing wellness programs and educational resources on maintaining physical and mental well-being.

Our Progress

Learn more about our actions and progress toward building A Better World Together.

Success StorIES

With a track record of results and a dedicated team of 3,000 employees, we are a trusted partner for municipalities, municipal utility districts, communities and industries across North America, and we aim to maintain that trust through a steadfast focus on operational excellence and a committed desire to building a better world together.

See Our Sustainability & Community Report for more
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Our Impact


compliance out of 646,000 controllable excursions*


gallons of recycled water delivered to customers


drinking water population served


dry metric tons of sludge beneficially reused


gallons of wastewater treated every day (on average)


wastewater population served

All data is annual as of 12/31/2022 unless otherwise specified. * Compliance rate was based on 646,000 potential controllable excursions.

True Environmental Resilience Takes a Community

A Better World Together is our shared call to action to achieve a more responsible, resilient world.

It’s up to all of us to work together to take one step further. Want to learn more about Inframark’s commitment to sustainability and our communities or discuss how we might partner?