1. How can I view and pay my bill online?

Please go to the online registration link at  https://www.eonlinebill.com/bapp/inframark and click "First time sign-in"

  • Please enter the last 16digits of the account number.Ex: 60123-4560000123 
  • Please enter account holder's name exactly as itappears on your bill. Ex: SMITH JOE
  • Please enter the service address without city, state or zip code.Ex: 12345 North Rd
  • Please create the desired user ID
  • Please create the desired password
  • Please enter your email address and confirm by re-entering your email address.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the“Next Step”
  • On the Personal Information Screen-Optional- fill out these fields to make the Credit Card Payment process faster.
  • Click Next Step

On the Email Settings screen choose option Yes or No to enroll in Bill Notifications (You will still receive a paper bill by mail unless enrolled in paperless bill).

2. What are my payment options?
  • Online
    • Payment Method:
      • Credit/Debit Card, convenience fee 3% of payment
      • Electronic Check, convenience fee of $1.00
    • www.paymyinframarkbill.com
  • QR Readers “InstaPay”
    • Payment Method: Credit/Debit Card, convenience fee 3% of payment
  • Over-the-Phone
    • Payment Method: Credit/Debit Card, convenience fee 3% of payment
    • Payment Method: Check, convenience fee $1.00 flat fee
    • English: Select Option “1”
    • Spanish: Select Option “2”
  • Mail-In (Personal Check/Bill Pay)
    • ATTN TO: Your Mud District
      P.O BOX 684000
      Houston, TX, 77268
  • In-Person
    • Payment Method: Personal Check, Money Order or Cashier’s Check
      Inframark – Grandway West
      2002 West Grand Parkway North
      Katy, TX, 77449
      Office Hours: 7:30AM – 5:00PM
3. What are the payment posting time frames?

*Please note, initiated payment date or postmarked payment date is not equivalent to posted payment date.

  • Bill Pay-The following type of payment general posting time frame, which is dependent on your bank’s releasing fund policy and/or USPS delivery of mail.
  • Over-the-Phone- 48-72 hours
  • Electronic checks (check free payments), minimum 2-3 days
  • Mail-in checks (personal checks or bill pay, minimum 10 days
4. How do I check my balance or pay my bill by phone?

You may call our payment line at 281-579-4500 and select option #1

You may dial the payment line directly at 281-377-9010

Follow the prompts by entering your 15-digit account number and the numbers associated with your address i.e. 1234.

You will hear your balance and be provided the option to make your payment along with all available payment options.

5. How do I enroll in Paperless Billing?

Please log into your online account

Select the manage account tab located on the left side of the screen

Verify the email address on the first section of your screen is the correct email address to send invoices

In the middle section labeled Email Alerts select the box labeled “Sign Up for Paperless Billing Today!”

Please ensure you have read and agree to the terms and conditions.

Click Submit Button located at the bottom of the screen.

Once enrolled you will receive an confirmation email confirming set up of your paperless bill option.

6. How do I sign up for Automatic Bank Draft or Credit Card recurring payments?

- Please login to your online account and follow the steps below

-Select the Automatic bill payment tab located on the left side of the screen

Please ensure to review the general information before proceeding with sign up

Select Automatic Bank Draft or Credit Card option

Input appropriate payment information

Please read and accept the Terms and Conditions

Click Submit

Once enrolled you will receive a confirmation email confirming set up of your paperless bill option. Please be advised that it’ll take one billing cycle for your recurring payments to begin, and if there’s a balance owed on the account you’ll want to make a onetime manual payment.

7. What is the “Authority Fee” on my water bill?

“The authority was created to govern the municipalities conversion to surface water from ground water. Due to our extensive use of ground water resources it has created subsidence issues in the Greater Houston Area. For more information about the Authority and their current rates and projects please visit their website at:”

North Harris County Regional Water Authority: http://www.nhcrwa.org/

West Harris County Regional Water Authority: http://www.whcrwa.com/

North Fort Bend Water Authority: http://www.nfbwa.com/

Brazoria County Ground Water Conservation: http://www.bcgroundwater.org/bcg/welcome.asp

Lone Star Ground Water Conservation: http://lonestargcd.org/

8. What is a AMR or “Smart Meter”?
AMR- Automatic Meter Reading which is the technology of automatically collecting water consumption for billing. Districts with AMR/Smart Meters
District Meter Type Where to Access Usage
Harris County 346 Beacon https://www.eyeonwater.com/
Harris County 372 Beacon https://www.eyeonwater.com/
Harris Fort Bend 1 Beacon https://www.eyeonwater.com/
Fort Bend 37 Beacon https://www.eyeonwater.com/
Fort Bend 57 Beacon https://www.eyeonwater.com/
Fort Bend 119 Beacon https://www.eyeonwater.com/
Fort Bend 151 Beacon https://www.eyeonwater.com/
Cinco SW 3 Beacon https://www.eyeonwater.com/
Cinco 8 Beacon https://www.eyeonwater.com/
North Gate Crossing 1 Beacon https://www.eyeonwater.com/
Sherwood Oaks Beacon https://www.eyeonwater.com/
Cinco Mud 3 Mueller https://cincoranchcp.muellersystems.net
Cinco Mud 10 Mueller https://cincoranchcp.muellersystems.net
Cinco Mud 12 Mueller https://cincoranchcp.muellersystems.net
Harris County 504 Aquahawk https://utilitycode.utilityhawk.us
9. How can I gain access to my “Smart Meter”?
Beacon Eye on Water - Link Aqua Hawk - Link Mueller Meter - Link **Mueller Customers Please email initial request for access to your districts designated email address: CincoMud3@Inframark.com CincoMud10@Inframark.com CincoMud14@Inframark.com          
10. Does my district offer pool adjustments?

Your district does not offer discounts for filling a pool.

11. Who should I contact regarding a water leak?

** Leaks that occur from the meter to the home are the responsibility of customer** Please contact our 24-hour Dispatch Department at 281-398-8211 to request a technician to investigate the leak.

12. How should I handle a water emergency?

In case of an emergency, such as a burst pipe, quickly close the main water shut-off valve to prevent costly flood damage. Your main water shut-off valve controls all of the water coming into your house. It’s often located near the water meter, inside the water meter pit.

13. Why is my water off?

We make every effort to avoid inconveniencing our customers with water shutoffs, but sometimes these circumstances are out of our control. We don’t know when a water main might break or when electricity may go out at your water plant. If you did not receive a notice of planned temporary service interruption, a disconnection notice for non-pay and little or no water is running from your tap, contact our 24-Hour Dispatch Department at 281-398-8211 immediately for assistance.

14. How can I obtain information during a hurricane or thunder storm?

You can obtain information by calling our 24-hour Dispatch Department at 281-398-8211, visit our website www.inframark.com and our Inframark Facebook Page for up-to-date information.

15. What is a Boil Water Notice?

It’s a notification that advises residents to boil their tap water used for consumption (drinking, cooking, etc. ), because their water may be contaminated. A Boil Water Notice is in effect until laboratory results show that water is safe from bacterial contamination. The tests usually take 24 hours to complete. Bathing, washing clothes or dishes and other activities where water is used externally, should not pose a health risk.

16. I received a high-water bill- what should I do next?

Check for the following:

  • Running toilets
  • Irrigation/ Sprinkler settings
  • Water heater leaks
  • Leaking or dripping faucets
  • Irrigation/ Sprinkler/Faucet outside leaks
  • Water Softener
  • Pool/water feature leaks
  • Appliance leaks

Please contact customer service at 281-579-4500 if you feel there is an error on your bill

17. My services have been disconnected. How do I get them reconnected?

If you have experienced a service interruption, please contact Customer Service at 281-579-4500 prior to making any payments to inquire what is required to restore services.

18. How do I Add/Remove a name from my account?

In the event that you would like to have a name (added/removed) from your account, please submit a written request, along with a copy of government issued identification (Driver’s licenses, Stated I.D, etc.) to mudcustomerservice@inframark.com.

19. Are there any fees involved with paying my bill late?

If paid after the due date on bill, you will be subject to a late fee.

If a delinquent letter is issued due to delinquency, you may be subject to a delinquent letter fee.

If a delinquent tag is issued you may be subject to a delinquent tag fee.

If turned off for nonpayment, you will be subject to a reconnect fee and may be subject to an additional deposit.

20. I received a delinquent letter- what do I do next?

Your delinquent letter will have an amount that needs to be paid by a due date to avoid a disconnection. If we have not received your payment by 5:00pm on (due date) a service order will be issued to disconnect your water service.

This amount will need to be received by 5pm on the due date or anytime before the due date.

If paying on the due date , your only payment options are:

1- Pay online at PayMyInframarkBill.com with a credit or debit card only. (check payments are not accepted to stop the disconnection.) Call our Customer Service  line at 281-579-4500 with your confirmation # before 5pm  to avoid disconnection.

2- Pay by phone at 281-377-8211 or 281-579-4500 with a credit or debit card only. (check payments are not accepted to stop the disconnection.) Call our Customer Service  line at 281-579-4500 with your confirmation # before 5pm  to avoid disconnection.

3- Pay at Fiesta Mart using their Check Free option. Fiesta requires that you have your bill with you. Call our Customer Service  line at 281-579-4500 with your confirmation # before 5pm  to avoid disconnection.

4- Pay at our office with a money order or cashiers check only at 2002 W Grand Parkway N. Katy, TX 77449,  before 5pm to avoid disconnection. Payment lobby is located on the North side of the building.


21. I received a bill addressed "Current Resident" - what does this mean?

Current Resident means water is currently on at an address where an account has not been set up. We have not received a request to start service in your name.

Please call our Customer Service line at 281-579-4500 to open an account in your name which includes startup fees and usage billed to date to avoid disconnection or/and having the water meter pulled.

If the meter is pulled, additional fees will be assessed for reinstallation which will also need to be paid before restoration.

Contact Us

(281) 579-4500
EMAIL: MUDCustomerService@Inframark.com
MON-FRI 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM (CST)

(281) 398-8211

Payment Options

Online: PayMyInframarkBill.com

QR Readers “InstaPay” (Credit/Debit Card or Electronic Check)

In-Person: Checks, Money Order or Cashier’s Check ONLY

Phone: (281) 579-4500 (Select Option 1)

Address the envelope and form of payment to your MUD District
P.O. BOX 684000
Houston, TX 77268

Fiesta Mart Check Free Payment Option  (must have copy of your bill)

Auto Draft (please click on “PAY MY BILL” at the top of page to register your account)

*Credit/Debit Card payments, convenience fee of 3% of payment amount

*Electronic Check, convenience fee of $1.00

*There is a 24 hr. waiting period to initiate electronic payments for districts requiring startup fee payment prior to service

Payment Locations
Katy Office
2002 West Grand Parkway North
Katy, TX 77449
Office Hours: 7:30 AM – 5:00 PM (CST)
(Payment lobby and payment drop box located on the North side of the building)

Austin Office
14050 Summit Dr #103
Austin, TX 78728
Office Hours: 7:30 AM – 4:00 PM (CST)