Providing Reliable Service and Improved Operations in the Tar Heel State.


Inframark has provided reliable, cost-effective water and wastewater operations since January 2018. Far more than being simply a contractor, we partner with the Town of Yanceyville as it faces challenges to provide these vital services to its residents. We are responsible for the Town’s 1 million gallons per day (MGD) surface water treatment plant (WTP) and a 0.45 MGD sequencing batch reactor (SBR) wastewater treatment plant (WWTP).


Before Inframark started operating the plants, there was very little process control. The Town immediately recognized the benefits of Inframark’s operational know-how. Also, the onsite operators had little to no maintenance experience, with all of the maintenance performed by the fully scheduled Town Public Works employees or general contractors. On day one of the transition, detailed process control parameters were set and preventive maintenance and corrective maintenance planning and scheduling processes were developed. The treatment plants immediately improved from proper control, and the maintenance technicians corrected issues that had plagued the reliability of the facilities for years.


  • We utilize mechanics from a nearby project to complete corrective maintenance repairs. This provides more than $50,000 in savings vs. general maintenance contractor labor.
  • We installed a supervisory control data acquisition (SCADA) system to provide remote monitoring of the WTP, clear well, high-service pumps, and elevated storage tank.
Inframark is a proven company with an outstanding track record. I know their hard work and expertise will allow the Town to provide its citizens with quality water.
Brian S. Collie
Town Manager