Inframark Acquires Environmental Development Partners

Deal bolsters Inframark’s continued commitment to serving its customers.

Katy, Texas, April 19, 2021 – Inframark, LLC, is pleased to announce that Environmental Development Partners (EDP) of Jersey Village, Texas, has joined the Inframark family. EDP provides professional, innovative, and efficient operation services to more than 70 clients in the greater Houston area, including Generation Park and Pecan Grove. The three principles of EDP, Mike Ammel, Eric Thiry, and Andy Phelps, have been involved in the municipal utility district industry in Houston since 1980, and will continue to be an integral part of the Inframark/EDP leadership team moving forward.

This dynamic partnership will allow employees to better serve clients with greater efficiency and lower cost of service. It also places Inframark in the strongest position possible to continue to lead the state of Texas utility infrastructure space to more effectively solve the growing challenges of protecting the quality and health of communities while supporting the unprecedented growth currently taking place in Texas.

“We can’t wait to bring both groups together to create the largest and most dynamic team of customer-centric and client-focused employees ever in the great state of Texas,” said Todd Burrer, Inframark’s Vice President of Municipal Utility Districts. “This partnership will produce a robust Texas workforce of over 600 dedicated employees spanning some 250 special utility districts, cities, water supply corporations, and commercial/industrial entities, providing water and wastewater service to over 600,000.”

“Inframark’s and EDP’s relationships with their respective clients and reputation for outstanding service are critical elements of what makes this transaction successful,” said Mike Ammel, Co-Founder and President, EDP. “Management at all levels is committed to these relationships. Delivering a breadth of high-quality solutions has been, and will continue, to be our joint focus.”

About Inframark

Inframark, LLC (, is a standalone American infrastructure services company focused on operation and maintenance of water and wastewater systems, management of community infrastructure, and back-office services.

With more than 40 years of experience in managing water-related infrastructure, the company employs in excess of 1,500 people serving more than 300 clients in 19 states. Its North American operations manages facilities that can treat over a billion gallons of drinking water and wastewater daily. It also manages more than 8,000 miles of wastewater collection and water distribution networks. Its infrastructure management services group serves 220 clients with financial, administrative and specialized support services.

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