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Significant Success in the Southwest Since 1985.

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  • Significant Success in the Southwest Since 1985.
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Inframark has managed, maintained, and operated the Town of Gilbert’s Neely Wastewater Treatment Facility (WRF), including a state-certified onsite certified lab, since 1985. The 11 million gallons per day (MGD) design tertiary treatment facility reuses 100% of the plant effluent within the Town. Our contract has been renewed by the Town several times over the past 35 years, most recently in 2019.


During our lengthy tenure, we have assisted the Town with capital projects and expansions and implemented many cost-saving measures. Two of the biggest, most recent improvements Inframark has made are a supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) upgrade at the Neely WRF (Phase 1 completed in 2019; Phase 2 coming in 2020) as well rewiring of the secondary clarifiers and waste pump in 2019. We also initiated contact with the solar firm that eventually built the Town’s 2 MW solar field.

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  • The solar power system, which was formally commissioned in 2011, is estimated to save $2 million over 20 years.
  • Rewiring three of the secondary clarifiers and waste pump in 2019 saved the Town $41,000.
  • Maintaining an onsite laboratory to perform routine effluent compliance and process control analyses means our staff receives necessary data in a timely manner to further ensure regulatory compliance, which stands at greater than 99.9%.

As the operations and maintenance group in charge of the Neely Wastewater Reclamation Plant, Inframark has been a longstanding partner with Gilbert. Inframark continues to provide a critical service at a good value for the citizens of Gilbert. The transparent and collaborative relationship that Inframark and Gilbert has maintained allows for efficiency and effectiveness for the community.

  • MARK HORN, Wastewater Manager

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