Congratulations to Four Prestigious Communities We Are Honored to Serve in Pure Partnership

Real Estate Consulting, is a leading advisory firm for organizations around the Country that provides strategic and investment advice. They were first established in 1967, and have since grown to become the first stop for many real estate developers, investors, and key stakeholders. Annually they produce a report that is made publicly available containing the results of the 50 Top-Selling Master Planned Communities and this year they released on January 4, 2022 the results for the 50 Top-Selling Master Planned Communities: Year-End 2021. In this year’s results out of the top 50 master planned communities, four prestigious communities listed were: Bridgeland, Tamarron, Westlake, and Meridiana that Inframark has the privilege of working alongside.

Bridgeland is a master planned community developed by Westin Homes, located in Cypress, Texas spanning over 11,000 acres and will in the future contain over 20,000 homes for an estimated 65,000 residents. Bridgeland has excellent schools, amenities ranging from pools, tennis courts, an activity center, and special events such as a local farmers market making Bridgeland an ideal community for families to nature enthusiasts. They are able to share the joy of nature by sharing over 3,000 acres to lakes, waterways, trails, and the surrounding nature. Inframark has served the Bridgeland community since 2006, beginning with initial development and growing as residents and programs are added. Inframark has an onsite management team of 12 staff members, providing personalized service, lifestyle events, and customer care. In addition to providing a dedicated landscape coordinator and maintenance team to help preserve the beauty of the master plan.

Tamarron is a master planned community developed by D.R. Horton, located in Katy, Texas with a planned build of over 4,000 homes. This beautifully planned community boasts nature trails for the outdoor explorer, lounge areas for the residents who want time to rest and recoup, youth soccer fields for the young athlete, and so much more. This community allows for residents with any niche to find a place for them, from well-established schools for their children to relaxing scenic lakes for anyone to enjoy. Inframark’s service to the master planned community of Tamarron began during the development phases in 2013.  Inframark helps to support the Association and homeowners with caring personnel onsite, to assist owners, help with community engagement and planned activities, and utilizing the community’s assets effectively.

The city of Westlake is the 39th municipality in Palm Beach County, Florida. The city of Westlake is spread amongst 3,800 acres with approximately 4,500 homes, and offers a wide range of opportunities for residents. They contain city services, utilities located underground, a Town Center, shops and commercial spaces, amazing amenities, including a lagoon pool within an Adventure Park. There unique amenities are built into a resort style which is an unparalleled offering for residents. All the exclusive offerings provided by the city of Westlake offer families, first-time home buyers, or retirees a chance to find a home for them in a slice of sunshine in Florida. Inframark provides services as city manager and financial management, alongside of field and maintenance services, utility billing, and customer service.

Meridiana is a master planned community developed by Rise Communities, located between Pearland and Sugarland, Texas with an estimated 5,500 homes over 2,700 acres. Meridiana is a vibrant community that emphasizes happiness, which can be seen with their golden retriever ambassador, Soleil. This community offers terrific schools for its resident children, unique learning labs that allows classrooms to take the opportunity to learn beyond that of a traditional classroom, a floating village, café, parks and trails, and a soon to be an exciting Adventure Cove boasting a wave pool, tidal pool, food truck parking, and a great deal more. Inframark works alongside Rise Communities to provide a valuable community manager, financial and vendor management, maintenance services, and coordinates with Rise Communities to provide events.

These communities offer something for residents across all walks of life, and we are honored and grateful to represent the communities in lifestyle events to daily management. Congratulations to Bridgeland, Tamarron, the city of Westlake, and Meridiana for boasting exceptional communities and for being in the 50 Top-Selling Master Planned Communities for 2021!

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