Inframark Resolves Clogged Diffusers

Client saves money and gets peace of mind on compliance concerns.

The Issue

The client’s diffusers were severely clogged resulting in less than 40% of initial design flow. Two 500-HP blowers running full speed escalated electric bills and the facility was having trouble maintaining the minimum dissolved oxygen (DO) needed during the summer months jeopardizing compliance. Without any changes, the facility would be faced with significant costs to purchase nitrogen credits if unable to reduce the nitrogen loading below the target limit.

The Action

Inframark investigated different cleaning methods, including:

  • Acid Washing
  • In-situ Cleaning
  • Supplemental Floating Lateral System (very costly and not feasible given time constraints)

None of the options would have sufficed to either resolve the problem at a reasonable cost or within the required time, given the approaching summer months. Inframark creatively came up with a proposed recommendation to abandon the existing diffusers in place and install a new grid above them.

The new system would then allow the plant to meet demand with only one blower.

The Results

The client accepted Inframark’s recommendation, and the installation was completed in only one month (including one week with 8” of snow!)

The project added these benefits:

  • Ability to maintain proper DO levels with only one blower reducing wear and tear on equipment.
  • Aeration capacity no longer a factor for maintaining compliance and meeting nutrient limits.
  • Annual energy savings of $350,000.
  • Secured an 8-year maintenance contract from the manufacturer, including a performance guarantee on power consumption.

Most importantly, the facility could utilize a new aeration system through the summer months and meet process requirements.

Inframark separates itself from others by always looking for safe, compliant, and innovative solutions resulting in a customized and tailored approach for all its clients through Pure Alignment, Pure Accessibility, and Pure Accountability.

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