The Water Industry is Struggling with an Aging Workforce as Many Set to Retire

Inframark Hires Heroes: One of Our Solutions to the Industry’s Aging Workforce

At Inframark, we believe strongly in supporting our Veterans and leveraging their unique skill set within our industry.

We have established an Accredited Apprenticeship Program, and are now partnering with The Department of Labor and The Department of Veterans Affairs, to provide a proactive approach to tackling the aging workforce crisis, and increase the talent pool.

We have developed the following:

  • 2-year Accredited Water & Wastewater Apprenticeship Program
  • 2-year Maintenance Technician Program
  • 4-year Maintenance Electrician Program

Program Details:

  • Modular based curriculum
  • Veterans are eligible to use their Veterans benefits or Vocational Rehabilitation Assistance to participate
  • Throughout the program, participants are employed by Inframark and receiving full benefits and professional development opportunities
  • On-the-job training along with mentorship and guidance from senior operational leaders
  • Programs will produce certified licensed operators
  • We are also partnering with Bradley Morris, a firm focused on facilitating large scale (i.e. NFL stadium size) job fairs across the nation to enable placing Veterans and their spouses in suitable organizational roles. This year we are participating in two military hiring events.

With respect to meeting our client staffing requirements, we always look to be proactive rather than reactive. These programs ensure we can offer a great pipeline of opportunities nationwide, as well as train and have ‘bench ready’ project managers to call upon.

Contact us to learn how your operation can benefit from these initiatives by calling 844-562-7478 or via email at

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