GET “SMART”: Reliability through Proactive Maintenance

Inframark’s proactive maintenance approach involves effective predictive, preventive and corrective maintenance. In every project we undertake, Inframark implements maintenance protocols and procedures that reflect manufacturers’ warranties for existing and newly bought equipment. As part of our maintenance approach, equipment maintenance and repair history are tracked and available, enabling our clients to make educated decisions when it comes to repairing or replacing a particular component.

Inframark emphasizes predictive maintenance to avoid the operational challenges and production interruptions associated with equipment failure and allows resources to be proactively directed to the most immediate areas of concern. We analyze equipment trends and manufacturer’s suggested maintenance requirements and are sure to document maintenance histories for part of our predictive maintenance procedures. This includes all mechanical and electrical components to ensure compliance with all applicable warranties. Predictive maintenance reduces repair costs, decreases the need for a large inventory of parts, and increases equipment reliability.

Our preventive maintenance program proceeds concurrently with the predictive maintenance procedures. Preventive maintenance ensures the reliable operation of facility equipment by requiring the operators and maintenance staff to perform regular maintenance activities, such as lubricating and calibrating equipment throughout the facilities. As part of this program, we track historical information for all equipment including time-based maintenance, equipment operating hours, and opportunity maintenance.

The need for corrective maintenance is minimized through the effective implementation of predictive and preventive maintenance programs. However, even with the best preventive and predictive maintenance, corrective maintenance is required from time to time. When unscheduled maintenance is required, Inframark performs the necessary work in the most expedient and cost-effective manner through proper and effective management of work orders, personnel, inventory, and purchase orders. Maintenance personnel are on standby 24/7.

Recording and reporting complete, accurate, and current documentation is essential to an effective maintenance program. Whether performing preventive, predictive, condition-based, or reliability centered maintenance, keeping track of equipment condition and maintenance—performed and planned—is critical. Maintenance schedules are created for all predictive/preventative maintenance activities. All work is documented on a work order that includes tasks, labor and materials used.

Inframark utilizes a metric called the “Scheduled Maintenance Asset Reliability Tracker (SMART)” or “INFRASMART.” This tracker shows all our preventive and predictive maintenance scheduled for each month. We can track every preventive/predictive work order — from the initial milestone through completion. By developing and utilizing accountability metrics, Inframark ensures our clients’ assets are operable and in good working condition.

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