Women of Inframark – Linnea Nelson

linnea nelson

Linnea Nelson has been part of the Inframark team since 2022, when she joined Custom Controls Unlimited (CCU), one of the firms acquired by Inframark to expand its Automation and Intelligence (A&I) division. When she joined as a Contract Administrator, her initial focus was on CCU contracts and other key client support, such as customer service, billing and collections. However, Linnea rapidly proved to be a valuable member of the team and expanded her scope to include all A&I contract administration and negotiation, which is now her sole focus and specialty. 

“I’ve really enjoyed having the opportunity to work with and learn from so many different people since joining Inframark,” says Linnea. “As a member of the team creating a new contract legal review process here, I work extensively with our internal legal team and other corporate functions, and I also interact directly with our clients and our external legal counsel. It’s been helpful to get this hands-on learning and experience – and it’s been rewarding to be able to bring together my various skills and interests into one role.”  

Linnea, a graduate of North Carolina State University with a degree in English and a minor in technical and scientific communication, credits “being a person who asks a lot of questions” as one of her key success factors. And she adds, “I’m also someone who is always up for a challenge and willing to learn.” This mindset of taking some risks and figuring things out along the way has been a hallmark of Linnea’s career – and success. “I like to understand things deeply, so if I find a knowledge gap, I will pursue it. What’s been great since being at Inframark is the support I’ve received from various managers and leaders who challenge me and encourage me to try new things.”  

In offering advice to others early in their careers, Linnea encourages, “Don’t be afraid to try something new or to ask questions. And, if there is an opportunity to make a new connection and work with someone new, take it! That’s always been my approach and it has helped me learn and advance.” 

In talking with Linnea, you quickly discover she is a woman in pursuit of excellence, with a keen eye for detail – which serve her well both at work and in her personal passions, such as baking. For instance, Linnea has been working for years on perfecting her original caramel snickerdoodle cookie recipe. Feedback from colleagues on Linnea’s contract negotiation skills and her baking expertise (she loves taking treats to the office) are both quite favorable – and we are delighted she is sharing both at Inframark!  

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