Women of Inframark – Shelbi Hyde-Bell

shelbi women of inframark

Shelbi Hyde-Bell, with Inframark’s Texas Utility Districts division, has been an integral part of our team for over nine years. Joining as a temporary meter reader, she has steadily climbed the ranks in six different roles to her current position as Operations Manager, overseeing North Texas, a testament to her dedication and hard work. 

In her current role, Shelbi’s responsibilities entail managing a diverse portfolio of 18 water and wastewater facilities, spanning from Fort Worth to Forney, TX. However, her heart lies particularly in wastewater management, where she finds her passion and expertise most pronounced. “I manage 18 water and wastewater facilities. I personally enjoy the wastewater more, I think it is really interesting. I like that there is always more to learn in my position. New challenges arise, new TCEQ qualifications get put in place, so it definitely keeps me on my toes,” Shelbi explains. 

With nine employees under her guidance, Shelbi leads by example, leveraging her B Distributions License and B Wastewater License to ensure operations run smoothly and efficiently. Her role is not just about managing facilities, it’s about safeguarding public health and protecting the environment. “Our main goal is to provide safe drinking water, and for wastewater, we want to ensure we protect the environment,” she emphasizes. At Inframark, Shelbi has found unwavering support from the company, enabling her to navigate challenges and excel in her role. “If I ever need anything or have any issues, I feel I can reach out,” she acknowledges. This supportive environment has been instrumental in her success, allowing her to thrive amidst Inframark’s culture, as Shelbi describes, is characterized by its fast-paced nature, team orientation, and a familial atmosphere in North Texas. “It’s a very fast-paced environment and team-oriented which I like, but the family feel is my favorite aspect of our culture. We have a family feel over here in North Texas,” she affirms. 

For women considering a career at Inframark, Shelbi offers valuable advice. While acknowledging that the industry is predominantly male-oriented, she emphasizes the ample opportunities for growth and success. “Yes, it’s true that this industry is primarily male, but there are opportunities to grow and excel here at Inframark for women too,” she asserts. “The best quality I bring to the table as a woman is my organizational skills. I feel like we work well together – I am a straight-to-the-point person, and we communicate really well.” 

With her unwavering commitment and determination, Shelbi Hyde-Bell exemplifies the spirit of perseverance and dedication at Inframark. As she continues to chart her course in the company, one thing remains certain – Shelbi is intent on continuing her track record of growth and success. 

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