Women of Inframark – Victoria Vaughn

victoria women of inframark

Victoria Vaughn embarked on her journey with Inframark in July 2022, initially stepping into the role of an Operator in Training in the West Houston area. Today, she proudly serves as a 20-year-old DD Operator, focusing on water and wastewater treatment plants, particularly on maintaining compliance and ensuring operational efficiency. 

Reflecting on her multifaceted duties, Victoria shares, “In my role, I’m tasked with overseeing water and wastewater treatment plants. From troubleshooting clarifier failures to conducting chlorine tests, my goal is to maintain plant compliance and functionality.” Victoria’s love for the outdoors and her passion for making sewer plants aesthetically pleasing shine through as she shares the unique practice of introducing goldfish into clarifiers to monitor oxygen levels—a testament to her innovative approach to her work. “We aim to make these plants not only functional but visually appealing,” she explains with a hint of enthusiasm. 

What Victoria appreciates most about working at Inframark is the abundance of growth opportunities and the camaraderie among her teammates. She finds motivation in the supportive atmosphere cultivated by her colleagues, whom she considers akin to family. “The professional guidance and patience shown by my male colleagues have been invaluable,” she states. Victoria attributes much of her success to her team; she shares, “My team has been so important in my journey. They have encouraged and supported me along the way. Their support and guidance have shaped my professional growth.” Victoria is already in the process of earning her C license and is looking forward to taking the opportunities to grow within the company. 

Victoria shares, “Being the only woman on my team, I’ve found that my strength is being a calming presence – which allows us to work together to find the best solution without additional stress.”  To women considering a career at Inframark, Victoria offers insightful advice: “Be yourself, hold your ground, remain receptive to new ideas, and keep your focus on your goals.”  She explains the importance of being proactive and adaptable in the dynamic environment of the water and wastewater industry. Victoria Vaughn’s journey exemplifies dedication, resilience, and a commitment to continuous improvement. We are proud to have her as part of the Inframark family, embodying our values and making a meaningful difference each day. 

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